Why do people use drugs, and what is depression?

  • Depression is a real and (potentially) serious condition that is thought to involve chemical changes in the brain.
    It involves both emotional and physical symptoms that can have a major impact on a person’s life.
  • Genes do appear to play a role in depression in some cases, and there may be a family history of the condition. However, it is not a simple connection, and many genes are thought to be involved. So if one family member is affected by depression, it does not necessarily mean that their relatives will develop the illness too.
  • No single event in a person’s life will, on its own, lead to depression. However, in some people, certain experiences or circumstances may act as a trigger for the condition.

Unpleasant events may trigger depression e.g:

  • bereavement
  • divorce
  • trauma
  • physical/emotional abuse

Alternatively, ongoing circumstances may be involved

  • poverty
  • financial stress
  • health issues
  • loneliness
  • lack of intimacy
  • prolonged unemployment or retirement

Immigrants, refugees, and others who have had to move away from their familiar surroundings may also be at greater risk of developing depression

All the highlighted issues are discussed, in our prevention programs.